Was she to be blamed?

[I wrote this piece way back in my first year in college. This maybe somewhat rustic as this is one of the first pieces I have written. Yesterday, while going thru my old files, I saw it and thought of posting it here.]

Sitting in the local train alone
she was happy, dreaming of her fiancé.
Suddenly the dream broke, her station had come;
Stepping down the train too, happy was she.

On the road back home, though she was alone,
she was happy, dreaming of her marriage on the day to come.
In a dark alley, she saw some loafers loitering around;
She smiled at them, she never knew why.

One shouted, “Oh! Look th’lass’a inviting”
She knew something was wrong for sure.
She tried to run but couldn’t cover more;
They forced her down in the streets beside her fiancé’s door.

They tore her clothes and tore her body.
The hyenas had come to feast.
Rough as they were, they caused her a lot of pain;
“Help! Please!”, she shouted and shouted, but in vain.

And at last when each one was done
they left her there, lying on the road.
Tired and ashamed she cried and she cried;
When tears stopped she slept, naked on the road.

How she came there, she never knew
but she came up in a hospital, that she was sure.
On the day of her marriage, the dailies had written of her fate;
People were talking and talking full of hate.

No one came to see her, to get her discharged
Her near and dear ones were too ashamed to be seen with her.
Her fiancé started seeing another girl, and that’s when she gave in;
She tried suicide but even God wouldn’t take her in.

And then lying in her hospital bed
all tubed up and filled with lot of pain;
She kept asking her lord –
“Dear God! Was I really to be blamed?”
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Mou said...

Too Good !

Mohammed Musthafa said...

My god! The poem gave me goosebumps...terrifying....excellent!

Sreya said...


Anonymous said...

GOD !! hell that was.. don't know, i've no words..

Anonymous said...

its not rustic, its touching!!!

Shilpa Garg said...

OMG!! Too poignant!!

Anonymous said...

too sad....

neeraj said...

Well composed Paritosh! Felt sad when I read! I was listening to Sepultura's 'Slave new world' when I was reading this poem. And I read it slow, too slow... I was furious, angry and torn... Rape is the worst thing in the world I can imagine! :(
I appreciate your creativity - the way you have beautifully expressed such an awful incident!

Paritosh said...


And the sad part is that its not meant to be good. :(

@Mustafa, Shreya, Ecstacies, Shilpa, Shilpa Garg, RSV

Dunno what to say, am just acknowledging your appreciation here.


And they say that anyone is capable of commiting a rape. Everyone has that voilent streak inside him. Dunno about others but if I do such a crime, whatever be the circumstances, I will not be able to live another second.

Anonymous said...

It's well expressed, you have managed to convey the fear, the pain and the injustice of it very well...

Also the feeling of rejection, and total desolation. Well written.

rocksea said...

You have captured the sad but true face of life very well.

^RoOhAnI^ said...

Brilliant post there, i have no words. :)

car blog said...

That was really terrifying. People behave so awkward when there is no fault of your own.

swats.... said...

thought provoking!

Tweety said...

my my left tears in my eyes...gave goosebumps..

Sh@s said...

I am at a loss of words. Don't know what to say but I can definitely say that you well-captured the pain and dilemma of a rape victim.