Living your dreams

How many times have you read a book and felt that the bugger is almost living your dream?

Last weekend I read "Don't ask any old bloke for directions", and I felt the same. A 200 odd pages full of what I have always dreamt of doing. In fact I am so impressed by the book that I am contemplating the same sometime next year.

This book is by an IAS officer who gave up his cozy job, something which he had anyways hated for 20 long years. Fed up with being "a round peg in a square hole", while in the service, he decided to go out and seek his round hole. He gave up his job. Bought a Thunderbird. Packed up two tees and a jeans in his backpack and left on a 25ooo Km journey across India spanning over some nine months. Without any prior plans and preparation.

On the road he met a lot of characters, shared meals with them and slept alone on his bed. He payed off his karmic debt to a lot of them. In the meanwhile he found his tamzi with the world

As a travelogue this book lacks a lot of details. As a philosophical guide, it doesn't score well too. As a satire, it tickles you and makes you think. About a lot of things. It is like the personal diary of a man who thinks about a lot of stuff. And to ride with this man is one thoroughly enjoyable ride, only you have to keep your mind open.

I would have loved to share a drink with this guy, had he not gone on a longer journey. RIP, P G Tenzing!

I would recommend this book to anyone who cares for my advice.

On a totally unrelated topic, I am now a proud donor of blood platelets. One bugger less now to pay off my karmic debt. Here is one to the dengue viruses! Hear, Hear!!