2080 : A Futurama

OMG!! The guy is talking to himself… Is he mad?? Oh!! Look he is laughing all by himself too.. His logical circuits MUST be terribly screwed.

Well this is how I reacted. If you somehow bear the excruciating pain of passing through a time warp and travel to the future (like me) you will do the same. In 2080 we do not need Cellphones to talk to each other. People are able to talk through their brains. No I am not talking about telepathy; I am talking about multipurpose chips implanted in our hand which can interpret our nerve signals. Imagine a dumb terminal (the ID chip in our hands) hacking into the supercomputer (our brain) and redirecting its signals not only to the targeted muscle group but also to the network carrier servers distributed throughout the world.

You don’t need to use your hands now; you just have to think about talking to someone. The chip activates the phone call subroutine, you give in our unique 200 GB password. It serves two purposes :

1. To hack into the 128 Bit encryption is a literal child’s play now using the humungous power of our brains. Though with a networked system of around 200000 brains, it has been shown that we can successfully crack the 200 GB password by brute force, it is illegal to do so and identity theft is reprimanded with removal of the ID chips

2. It prevents any accidental dialling. Suppose you are thinking about your ex-wife and think about tallking to her in the middle of the night and the call gets connected. Woooo… you are in a thick soup my dear freind.

Anyways, the ID chip then connects to the central server of the mobile network, gets the ID of the required person, connects to him and lo you can start a conversation.

The signals which are sent by the brain to our vocal boxes to produce voices are captured, digitised, encoded and sent over the network to the person on the other end. There the signals are decoded and recoded as the signals which the ear drums send the brain. Your brain reacts just like it has listened to a normal voice. The system doesn’t play with the original signals but just makes copies of it before releasing it for the target muscles. Thus you have the authentic feel of talking to the person. Your vocal chords make the same voices which are sent over the network.

I learnt later that this was done so that vocal chords are not rendered vestibule and lost to evolutionary process. Though Mobile carriers fought nails and claws to retain this functionality to monopolise the way people talk to each other, but some hacker got an idea of their intended monopoly of human socialisation and posted it all over the network. After much flaming and hate-blogging the confederation (I will talk about the political structure some other time coz its a different story all together) denied the companies this functionality.

What more, you also ARE with the person while you talk to him. Satellite cameras of the network carrier company record the 3-D image of you while you talk and stream the encoded video live to you on the same channel. The chip then decodes the video stream and re-encodes it into the signals which the eyes send to the brain. You feel that you are with the person you are talking to you. This all create a great talking experience.

Well all this was told to me by my future grand-daughter.. I don’t have the ID implanted on me as I have died by this time due to smoking too many cigarretes and my chip was purged with the unique ID password :(.

I am amazed by the world in 2080. I would post my experiences as and when I can lay my hands upon the ancient virtual PC in the local museum. I have to hack into the network so that I can write into the official blog of a company long lost in time… Its very risky and I stand the chance of being deported back to the past. So appreciate my effort guys ;).

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Gyanban said...

What I liked about Star Wars IV V VI was that it had no reference point.it was really out of this world.Unlike say a Bak tothe future II.

So in your post of 2080 it looks like you have taken the latter. try to let your mind go out of the box.

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