Of Mangoes and civilisation

Yesterday my teammate brought some mangoes from his home for everyone to have. I saw everyone talk about them but not eat coz they had inhibitions about what everyone will think seeing them eat mangoes in the cafeteria. Mangoes have a nasty habit of dirtying your hands and clothes, you know.

Being the non conformist that I am, I took it upon myself to prove them otherwise. Who can resist the temptation of mangoes anyway? I went to the cafeteria armed with my supply of mangoes and had my full of them. People came, they saw and they grumbled seeing me voraciously feeding on with both my hands. Whoever said that eating with both the hands is ill mannered never had a mango in his life. I ,personally, have always felt that if u wanna enjoy mangoes to the fullest, u gotta have juice dripping down ur sleeves.

Anyways, while enjoying the boons of the nature gods, some random questions crossed my mind. I know that these are all rhetorical ones. I don’t wanna know the answers nor will I give two hoots about them two hours from now. But still…

Why do we care so much about what the society conforms with? Who made the rules for all of us? Why is the society which is made of individual more powerful than the individual?

What is the system? Who gave the power of life and death to the system? Why should the society have a watchdog to police over them?

Why do I need to keep the roads clean when I am paying the govt taxes to do the same? Who told that littering is unethical? Isn’t it the same govt. and isn’t that washing your hands off from your duties?

Why should I pay my taxes off my hard earned income so that someone from the govt makes up a grand scheme to give away freebies to the so-called poor ones? Isn’t it scavenging to feed a non performing individual off the pockets of another hardworking one?

Isn’t it convenient on the part of some to lay down rules for all of us to follow so that they can sit in the high seats of powers and enjoy the benefits?

Why are the so-called netas given so much priviledges and priority over common men when a democracy is a govt for the people, by the people and of the people?

I wonder who conjured up this greatest scam of all times called the govt. He/she must be a true genius. I would sell my soul to be with him for one day.

So many thoughts over a mango. Whoever said that its the best to think over coffee…. And then again I think “Hmmmm…. so much for the civilization and civilized people… I would rather have my mangoes with both my hands.”

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