A thing called love…

Last nite while drivin to the office I saw a gal n a guy walkin on the road holdin each other, fightin the odds of gettin drenched in the hellish rains. I saw them n I smiled… What the heck… they looked already too soaked in love for the rains to bother them.

Last nite while drivin to office, Biwi told me that my Mom n Dad were the most happy couple together. They have been married for the last 28 years and for the last 24 years that I have known them I never ever remember them fighting or even arguing. Well may be they are the best couple that I know of.

Last night while driving to office, I reflected on what was Love, the most used and abused word in the history of mankind. Right since the start of life there has been sex… but what was love.

Did Adam ever loved Eve? Did he ever forgive her for their eviction from Paradise?

Do all the married couples love each other? Do they forgive each other for the daily nik-picks that happen?

Then I thought… Well what the hell.. I know that I love my biwi n thats what matters… May be love, like God is not be pondered upon but to be felt. A wise man never loves God and he never LOVES… coz he is too busy debating the intricasies of love to feel the simple charm of it.

I wud rather be a fool in love than be wise-ass alone…

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