2080: A futurama : V2.0

[This is in continuation with my previous blog. Please read it to get the context and glossary]

At breakfast the next day, my granddaughter, Niharika, says “Nanaji, I am going for work. Do you need something?”.

Me: “Nothing dear. Can I come to office with you? I want to see the work culture of this time.”

Her: “I would have loved to take you to my office but you don’t have any ID.”

Me: “ID? Why do I need that to travel to your office?”

Her: “Beacause travelling to the office is a thing of the past. We just log on to our offices from home.”

Me: “Oh! OK.. you work from home.”

Her:”No, not work from home. We go to the office you see… only that the office is virtual. You must know this cause this was all concieved and done by you. I work for your company, Digitiser, it is the biggest company on this planet.”

Me: “Oh! Is that? I dunno because in the time I came from, I used to work in a very large office with a campus of its own. I used to travel for one hour daily to reach office in the worst traffice you may ecer imagine.”

Her: “Well, the traffic is a nightmare still but we don’t go to office. It works like this. When I feel like working, the ID connects me to the network carrier server and then I can log in to my work slot using my UniqueID. I am an architect…”

Me: “Wait wait wait. That means I built a construction empire. WOW! not bad for a software geek”

Her: “No… your company is a job distribution portal. Anyone who needs any kinda work done comes to you and gives you the specifications. The Digitiser, the name of the application you developed, then scans the database for the person or team best qualified for the job and assigns it to them and they do the job.”

Me: “Cool… that means I earn without doing anything. Are the teams freelancers or regular employees?”

Her: “Both. The system selects the best team based on some parameters and the team may consist of the best brains on the planet, so who cares if they are freelancers or regulars. And this is why you earn so much coz you give the best quality work at the optimum price.”

Me: “Hmmm… so what is the currency in circulation now? Is it dollars or Euro?”

Her: “Well they are also things of the past. There are no different countries so there are no different currencies. To contain inflation and to bring uniformity all the countries decided to come together in 2063 as a big happy family and name the new government simply as EARTH.”

Me: “WHAT?? There is no India now?”

Her: “Not if you don’t consider the company which produces all the food which we eat as a country.”

Me: “My God!! The earth has changed a lot.”

“Yes, It is… Nanaji, i wanted to talk with you more but I have to go now. I will be in my bedroom. Call me if you need something urgent. See ya in the evening.”

She kissed me and left for her “office”. Well i am still wondering how much the world has changed in 2080. Aren’t you?

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