Around the world in.. I dunno how many days

Have you ever had the feeling of being strangled by the daily 9-6 jobs?

Have you ever felt of leaving all these and going out to see the world?

Have you ever seen the shows on NGC, Discovery or T&L and felt that you wanted to fly to that place ASAP?

Have you ever let your head out of a car zooming through a picturesque landscape and felt the aderenaline rush?

Have you ever climbed mountain and felt that you have accomplished the most important mission of the day?

Have you ever…

There are a lots of such questions, and if all the answers to these questions are affirmative then welcome to the club. I have a deep seated urge to roam around without the deadline of coming back, like having an extented vacation which lasts…. frankly, I dunno how long. Maybe till my finances last.

Has anyone you know done a circumnavigation or a backpacking trip round the globe? I have tried googling but can only find out about very few Indians who have motored around, even lesser few who have done backpacking and none who has done a circumnavigation sailing. Can’t say why but I think I want to break this jinx. I want to take a break from this boring life and go around the world meeting different people and seeing all that is to see.

The only thing keeping me away from my dream till now is money. An adventure so great comes with a huge price tag. Honestly speaking, I don’t have such deep pockets but am still in the planning stages. I firmly believe that ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.

BTW anyone wants to come on this trip of a life time?

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