The Lovestory

When you love someone - you’ll do anything
You’ll do all the crazy things that you can’t explain
You’ll shoot the moon - put out the sun
When you love someone

You’ll deny the truth - believe a lie
There’ll be times that youll believe you can really fly
But your lonely nights - have just begun
When you love someone

When you love someone - you’ll feel it deep inside
And nothin else can ever change your mind
When you want someone - when you need someone
When you love someone…

When you love someone - you’ll sacrifice
You’d give it everything you got and you wont think twice
You’d risk it all - no matter what may come
When you love someone
You’ll shoot the moon - put out the sun
When you love someone

-Bryan Adams

What would you say about two people who hate each other so much so that they can’t wait to see each other? That they are in love…. This was our story once upon a time.

I was a person whom you would either love to hate or hate to love. Don’t get confused, either way you would end up hating me. All the vices in the world….. you name it and I have had a taste of it. Music blared 24*7 out of my system. I watched movies the night before my exams ( yes, I am talking about my grads papers ). To cut the long story short I was an a$$#*!e ( I won’t like to delve deeper into the murky history of my life).

Now take this girl. She was the kind whom we always hated at school coz she was so smart and we weren’t ( I dunno about you guys but I for sure hated such girls). She was the head girl of her school, studious, smart, sweetheart of her parents ( well my parents love me too but that’s a not considerable cause in my favour), did not listen to music (can you imagine!!), hated wasting time on movies ( she would rather love to study her books, huh!!)…. GOD!! What a waste of beauty (did I tell you she was B.E.A.U.tiful?) !!

I and she were as different as Milk and Water ( I being the water thingy, of course). Can you even imagine in your worst nightmares what happens when two such people meet? If not then well let me tell you…. There starts an adventure called a Love Story.

All you people have at some time or the other been the characters in this story. This is the story which you will love to tell your teenagers and warn them of the sweet side effects of love. However this is the time for the protagonist, i.e. me ( Oh I love myself ) to tell the story of the best three years of his life. So guys please close all your applications and put on your safety jackets coz you are gonna be on one hell of a roller coster ride of your life.

This story starts ( OMG!! Was all that before this the preface!!) on the day after valentine of a long forgotten year in the B’day party of a friend. I saw her for the some time. Well I won’t bore you with the mundane activities of that day just for the pure reason that I don’t remember them. The only thing I remember of that day is her smile, the clear smile that only a person pure from heart ( like me ) can dare to have. I won’t say that it was a love at first sight but somewhere in the deepest corners of my heart I realized that she was the one.

So I did what every guy worth his salt would do, I got her phone number from my friends and called her up. And lo!! I was in for a shock. She was quite different from my imaginations. She was smart and intelligent. I was attracted to her instantly. Then she came, she saw and she conquered. Mind you I have never accepted this fact before but I fell in love the first few hours she spent with me. However no love story is complete without a villain or two. And in this case I was the villain and the hero rolled into one ( God was on a tight budget in this movie ). My past came to haunt me. Someone told her that behind all my farce goody-guy show I was an I-have-already-told-you-what. So after two days of wooing ( oh yes I was that fast and let me tell you I have my own charms, girls don’t refuse me often ) when I proposed her she turned back and said a perfect “NO”.

I was devastated. No, not because she told me but coz I was told a no. I hope you get me.Anyways I tried a little more but when the results went from bad to worse I gave it up. I went back to my old life chasing my older and more faithful passions coz when the going gets tough the great give up.

Suddenly in true bollywood style she came up again in my life ( actually she had to buy a PC and I was the uncrowned king of computers among my friends ). This time it was my turn to hit back. I set upon work and wooed her again but this time I had my homework done. I had found out all her likes and dislikes ( believe me girls are always gaga about these ). However as I came to know her more and more she intrigued me. Every day was an adventure with her and I was never sure as to how the day would end.

We did all that normal couples do. We went around in parks, went shopping and dining together. However the things which were uncommon were the ones the ones who were the most important. We read books together ( this is one of the VERY few passions common between us). I tought her how to reboot a computer and she taught me that people hated me ( I was aghast when I learnt this). I taught her how to appreciate movies and she taught me how to appreciates someone’s emotions. I taught her the value of music in life and she taught me how to value life.

Love took its own sweet time and after three years here we are… She listens to my favoirate songs. I have reinvented myself and can hope to say that now people really like me. We both watch movies together munching into bucket full of popcorns almost every weekend. Though she still loathes me for not keeping my room clean or for sitting for long hours on the system and I still am trying to convince her that I won’t ever look at another girl the way I look at her, we are quite inseparable.

I can’t imagine myself living without her and she wouldn’t leave me even if her anger is making her push me off her terrace. And believe me there are days we come to all these. What has kept us together all these days is our love and our friends. Through all these bad phases our friends have stood by us and helped us realize the fact that we love more than we hate each other.

And then came the moment when I asked her to marry me (with the ring and flowers, of course).She answered affirmatively and the darkest fears of my yesteryears are finally came true… I GOT MARRIED…. He he he… just kidding guys ( only about the fear part though). Thus ends a story which is always in continuation… just like life does.

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