Comic Con India 2011

Being a ardent fan of Indian Comic books, I was super excited when I heard about Comic Con India 2011. The venue (Delhi Haat) and day (Saturday and Sunday) were also convenient to fit in my busy schedule (;)). All I needed to do was to convince Biwi to let me go! When I asked her, she was surprisingly supportive and decided to tag along.

As an aside, either she had finally submitted herself to my idiosyncrasies or she was afraid of letting me go alone to Delhi Haat (what with all the hot Dilli ki Kudian roaming around there). I would personally like to believe the second as I feel I am handsome enough but as you know... Naari ke man ko to swyam Vishnu bhi nahi samajh paye.

Anyways, coming back to the Comic Con, I was not-disappointed-but-not-very-happy-either when I reached there. One of my major reasons of going there was to buy some old editions of Raj Comics offerings. However, Raj Comics was only conspicuous by its absence. I am not sure why. Either they didn't consider it a grand enough stage or the newer kids on the block were trying to gang up against the Grand Old Daddy of the Indian Comic book industry.

All I saw there were foreign publishers trying to be Indian enough and selling expensive comic books. The Indian bastion was held only by Amar Chitra Katha and Diamond comics.

I know its a dying industry in India but I would have loved to see the marginal publishers showcasing there wares there. We need more of our indigenous super heroes and not the Supermans and Spidermans. Its high time now someone from the Indian film industry to take up this cause.