International Men's Day

"Yippee Ki-Yi-Yay motherfucker"... Screams one of the most memorable characters of all times. John McClane epitomizes manhood like no one ever did. He is a straight talking, rough on the edges, don't-you-ever-fuck-with-me kinda guy. He takes all that comes with just one expression on his face "I will live through it all. But will ya?".

We men (at least most of us) are just like that. Maybe, scratch that, definitely, we don't destroy helicopters with a car. But we do take all that comes head on. We make a living out of making crazy look easy. Hell, we drive to office every day in Bangalore's traffic, don't we?

Still, men are the most used and abused species on this planet. Don't believe me? Check out my arguments:

  1. We work all through our lives and yet are called lazy. And yes, playing video games or pool is serious work.
  2. We for the cable, the TV and the couch but still are not allowed to watch any matches.
  3. We are required to take our women for shopping, approve their choices and then take the blame for them not fitting in the dress.
  4. We are deemed to have our brains between our legs.
  5. We are required to lower our eyes whenever a gorgeous specimen passes by. Even if its in a bikini. Damn!
  6. We are ....
"Enough with the complaining", shouts my man. Okay, okay, I stop here.

Anyways, to give us men a chance to redeem our image in this world, we have decided to give ourselves a special day every year. Its the "International Men's Day". Celebrated on 19th November, it tries to observe the following broad objectives :
  • Celebrate manhood and the wonderful positive and valuable contributions our men, young men, and boys make to our communities and to our societies
  • Promote and Support gender equality, encouraging men to address responsibly and positively the challenges facing them in society
  • Demonstrate strength of character and courage in meeting the challenges that men face in society and in contributing to building stronger and better communities, where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potential.
  • Highlighting positive male role models, not just movie stars and sports men but everyday, working class men who are living decent, honest lives.
So, guys. Go ahead. Give yourselves a round of applause. Its time to celebrate being you. Grab your beer mugs and sing out loud.

And gals, give your man a break. Let him enjoy his life. Just for a day maybe. Take him to a good movie (which means no rona-dhona movie). Make him feel special, the way he makes you feel every day.

I, on my part, am going to watch all the four Die Hard movies tonight. Go on.. Make my day Bruce.

(Objectives and images courtesy IMD website)

I am sorry

I loved her. I fought with her like crazy.

I made her laugh till she had tears in her eyes. And I made her cry when she knew I lied about quitting smoking.

I cared for her like my baby. I fought for what I thought my own "private space".

I made love to her till we dropped dead, exhausted. I cheated on her when she was out of town.

I forgot some of my promises. I kept the ones that mattered.

And today I buried her. I never got a chance to say how much I loved her. That I was sorry I wasn't there for her when she really needed me. That I will cry for her all my life.

Damn!! Life is not fair... its not fair at all.

p.s. This one was written after I saw one of those rom-coms. You know, where the protagonist's love dies and he gets disillusioned by all that happened. I really felt for this guy. Imagine what a great void would be there in your life, if that happened to you.

BTW the protagonist of this post is definitly not me. No man... I would go heaven and hell before letting my love die on me.

I wonder

Promising, committing, caring, cajoling
I wonder, where is the part where I am loving?
Waiting, contemplating, pondering, running
I wonder, where is the part where I am living?