Why is Bangalore so costly?

Damn it man!! I am pissed off with this city. Everything here comes with a premium price tag attached to it.

At first I thought only the PVRs and the Inoxes are expensive here. What with their absolutely overpriced popcorns and pepsies they must be earning some cool moolah, eh?

But then not only cinema and rentals, there are a hell lot of other things which are more than costly in Bangalore. I have been to almost all the Metros and I find that Bangalore, coupled with its shitty infrastructure, is the most expensive city in India.

The worst thing is the attitude of the people who provide the basic amenities. Most of them try to cheat you to the last penny you have.

Auto-fare here is second only to Mumbai. And still when you ask an auto wallah to go somewhere which he doesn't fancy, all you will get is an idiotic frown and a laid back answer "Illa saar". In case he agrees it is more than 20% chance that his meter has been rigged. Not only this, when they drop you at your destination you will be asked " Saar itna kamata, 10 rupa extra deo". What the hell!!

Now, don't think that this is the story of only the thick skinned auto wallahs. Go to a flashy supermarket and buy a month's stock worth 3K. Chances are that you have just been cheaten by 100 bucks ( atleast ). This is no hearsay, I have myself caught the Health n Glow people in the swanky Forum Forum Mall where they charged me extra Rs. 30 on a bill of just Rs. 550. When confronted they shamelessly told that it was a mistake and refunded me the money. I asked for a complaint number and was told " Saar, you earn so much y do u wanna complain for such a small amount".

Go for a flat for rent , the room the size of the bathroom at ur native place will cost you monthly 3-4K (in k'mangla 6K). Ask the PD why and he will say " Saar, 30 hazar kamata hai, mahina mein itna to rent dena hi mangta hai naa". Damn it man!!

Go to buy a flat and the shittiest place in the whole world will cost you at least Rs. 2200 per square feet. And the real estate agent will shamelessly tell you " Saar, you work for such a big company like #%$#!. I know you have twice the bank balance".

I mean what is this bro... All the negotiations start with a quote on your salary.

This is a very sad state of affairs. If the lethargic government (which is happy siphoning off money in the name of the so-called futuristic and developement oriented projects) doesn't do anything fast to curb this fraudalent mindset then the day is not far away when the IT industry will start looking for better destinations(as we already see Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad are fast becoming favoured more than Bangalore).

I luved the city that B'lore use to be and had always dreamed of settling in B'lore but dunno how long I can bear this painful strangulation of the Garden City.
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Neha said...

oh wat a perfect topic to be discussed...but of no use!!people are thick-skinned here...the ones who wud comment on it r d ones who wud not mind paying extra bucks to these undeserving buggers...

Paritosh said...


Hey biwi.. welcome to the blog.

I know these people are thick skinned but then so am I, ain't I? I really hope someone learns from this and stops selling that bhaji 50p costlier.

Shilpa Garg said...

Very valid questions and points!! But guess its the same story everywhere!!

Even a not so big and not so small city like Jammu, the story is the same...rents are sky high for houses which do not even have the basic amenities, the veggies, even the apples which are grown in this state are same as what you'd get elsewhere in the country!!

I can't get over the prices of Bananas! Can you believe its Rs 50 for a DOZEN!!

And I never buy non-branded items (even the gifts, crockery et al) here, coz the shopkeepers, keep changing (increasing and never reducing!) the prices by sticking their own price stickers!! It's pathetic!! :(

pawan said...

So true!
I find it happening in developing cities like Visakhapatnam too, people are just getting too spendthrift, and isnt there is a mechanism to regulate the prices?
Everybody can't be rich right?
Thoughtful post man!

Naveen kumar said...

same condition here in chandigarh

Anonymous said...

Its not just Bangalore, Situation is same everywhere man!!


Mohammed Musthafa said...

Hmm...since I live in Qatar...cant actually comment about this...but guess wht u told abt banglore being less favoured will turn out true....

Anonymous said...

saar..he he....
I have never been to Bangalore and aspire to go there at least once...
plz don't change my mind :)

on another note though...
same is the state of affairs here in Delhi...bhasha alag hai aadmi to aadmi hi hota hai..

Harsha Chittar said...

First of all, all the cities same problem, i have heard worse stories about other cities.
If you can get me good flat in any of the other metro or big cities for less than 2200 i will be very interested to know.
Flashy super market none of them run by locals, all run by people who came into Bangalore.
Health n Glow if they gave you a computer bill, i think the money goes to the store owner and not the emps working there, and its a huge chain of stores.
Why go the flashy supermarket, buy it from a provision store near your house. He will give you a discount of Rs 100, or better go to the market.
Shitty infrastructure. Bangalore has seen growth in 5 years what other cities would take 20 years. The infrastructure was never there to handle the population. Nobody expected the massive growth in population.
Take the bus bro, i am a local Bangalore guy, its been more than 10 yrs since i stepped into an auto.
You think if all the companies one day show up in Chennai or any other city, the people will not try to make more money. You think the rates will stay the same?
I am sorry bro, i completely disagree with your post.

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Wow...Harsha Chittar's comment makes a lot of sense...

Anonymous said...

good one.. but I have stayed in blr all my life.. I can tell you one thing.. all the other metropolitan cities were designed for the huge population in mind.. but blr was a very calm city with very less population.. but suddenly because of IT, the city exploded with ppl from everywhere.. It was not meant for that..and there was no infrastructure to handle all this.. so it will take a while for it to improve.. but I love the old blr better..
I have an award for you at my site :)

Paritosh said...


I am so happy!! Now I know I am not the only one buying the overpriced commodities. Feels good? Oh yes! It feels absolutely awesome.

@Harsha & evanescentthoughts

Since you guys are from bangalore, I know you feel the pain of the low grade infrastructure in Bangalore.

Now the IT revolution may have come in limelight for the last few years but the seeds were sown some decades ago. Did you know that Electronic City was setup in 1978?

My questions now are:

i) Was the government sleeping all through these years? When they wooed IT companies with the lure of free land and tax sops, were they dreaming that the infrastructure would scale up on its own?

ii) How many years does it take to build a 8 Km long elevated highhway? 5 years is just too much. I heard they built a similar thing in China in 4 months, using the same technology (which is out dated by approx 6-7 years now).

iii) May be the prices are going up everywhere. But does that give the people a right to harass others for a profit of meagre 20-40 bucks?

iv) Why are taxes so high in bangalore and where is the money going?

There are tonnes of other questions which I know no one has answers to.

Abhinav said...

Hey man,
stumbled upon your blog.

Made for a nice read. I'll be moving to bangalore coming october. Will sure be more careful now, having read your post. ;D

Anonymous said...

yeah even we wonder where the tax money goes and why the hell does it take years together to build a single flyover.. I point a finger at the corrupt govt :(

Brochure Printing said...

That is sad indeed :(
Just because people think you have a big bank account balance, doesn't mean they can cheat you out of fair trade. Aren't the rent prices regulated? It seems really unfair to be charged so much!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To say you are pissed off by the city that gives you your daily bread and butter is shameful. A bangalorean would never say such words. If you dont like it here why dont you pack off and go to your native place and lead a more simple peaceful life? If you dont have the guts to take such a step I suggest you keep quiet and thank god for atleast you are referenced as 'Saar'

Anonymous said...

I have traveled extensively, but found our NATIONAL CAPITAL is worst, at least people of BANGALORE and the weather is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

BANGALORE IS BANGALORE, If you don't like the CITY and the PEOPLE, why the hell you have come all the way to spoil the culture of our CITY. By the way it appears you are from one of the nasty northern city, am i right.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Looking forward to your next post

Anonymous said...

I guess you consider shitty West Bengal, with its strikes and communists, to be Utopia. Kindly fuck yourself back to your native place! This is not the place for you.

Anonymous said...

I can see 'bangalorean' being mentioned in one of the comments. I do keep hearing words like 'true bangalorean' and wonder what do they actually mean ? Do these mean trying to mistreat people who are found to be from north, be they auto wallahs or for that matter even the local police. I have been in Bangalore for almost 8 years now and have heard people who have been here for decades that Bangalore was a much much better place 10 years back. I would still rate Bangalore to be better than several cities, a lot of people are very good, but I strongly feel there is an ever growing tendency amongst a lot of local people including the local government to earn/extract as much as possible from those I call externalities, including myself. After all, how do we explain all means of transportation to be so expensive. Why do the ordinary citizens(mostly IT) have to bear the burden of growth in which they have themselves played such an important role ?

Anonymous said...

Dear all

I have studied in Bangalore from 91-96. Now after 15 years I am back in Bangalore. Between these 15 years was when Bangalore IT revolution happened. Let me recount my experience.
During school days it was cool, used to rain frequently and we could feel the freshness in the air. There were lots of park and Police was polite and helpful. If you asked a autowalla, without asking any questions he will push the meter down and will never try to fool you. Even the bus charges were very low. 50 paise from richmond to majestic. We used to get cycles on hire and you could roam around by paying a miserly amount. Gandhi class ticket in symphony, rex, galaxy, ajanta used to be 5/-.People were god fearing and would readyly help. Cafeterias and hotels (Vishranti etc) used to charges 13/- for a proper thali. Coffee was 2/-.
Now adjust inflation and flash forward to 2011.
A movie ticket is 250/- min. Autowalla will not go until you pay him double the standard fare. The usual excuse is - no return passenger!! Police is so corrupt that they want to squeeze the last drop out of you. My car was impounded just a day back and got it only after paying 5000/- .
You visit any grocery local shop and his prices would be sky high.(I have lived in Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkatta in last 3 years.
This is not the city where I spent good 6 studying years.
It is fake now. May be new money. And it is not even raining !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello All,
Let us not fight over everything and just stick to the topic. I lived in Bangalore from Jan 2004 to Nov 2008. Thats 5 years almost. I moved there as a young bachelor on my 2nd job, met my wife at work,got married, got a son, changed jobs and gained experience and moved to USA. We have seen how the city changed in just 5 years in terms of population, traffic, cost of living and infrastructure. We complained about prices too but learnt that my Communist Kolkata is not far behind. Now I have been to many of the big cities of USA, NewYork City, SanFrancisco, LA, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago. It is the same issue everywhere. If you want to see traffic jam and pollution come and see LA. 6:30 am and bumper to bumper traffic. If you want to see how bad roads can get, come to Hollywood and you will be amazed to count potholes. Go to New York City and check out the number of beggars in Manhattan.
Globalization and MNCs are eating up every city, community, culture and society. Don't blame the city, blame the open market and capitalism. While in India, we are engrossed in Bollywood and Cricket and AajTak breaking news. Here I got to see a lot of good documentaries on varied topics. I have a better understanding how Wall Street is fostering capitalism, controlling world economy and ruining the charm of small and beautiful towns like Bangalore..all over this planet.One piece of advice ... there are amazingly weekend getaways from bangalore, we used to be out almost every other weekend. It freshens your mind and body. Buy a reliable used car and check out those places. The locals outside bangalore are still sweet and beautiful. Thats real India. try ooty, coorg, munnar, kodai, Yercaud, Hogenakkal, Yellagiri or even for a days drive go to manchambelle, nandi hills, SHiva Ganga, Shivanasamudram, Bellur. Bangalore is the hub of going to these beautiful places. Work in Bangalore Mon-Fri..go some nice place every other weeekend.
Once you are in USA for 2+ years and your craze for USA is over, you will realize India is not so bad after all.
Get out of the city once in a while, go to sall hillstations like Yercaud, sit with a local farmer or rickshaw walla and drink chai, talk to him and you will never regret those moments.
Of 5 years, my GF ( now my wife ) and I, went to Brigade Road malls just once or twice. On our first date, we hiked Shiva Ganga, and the first movie we saw was Fahrenheit 9/11. So, if you know how to find the good things, you can do it anywhere.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bangalore definitely is priced high on quite a lot of stuff. Its unjustifiable. I asked a guy who sold winterwear at commercial street, why his sweater made in Punjab costs more than a sweater from BHS(UK). He had no answer. Well i do. Indians are the most greedy profit makers. In Singapore you can have a CLEAN HEALTHY meal for 4 Sing Dollar. You cant guarantee a clean meal for the equivalent INR in Bangalore. Many of my friends who come from abroad are shocked at the prices of even say a shavarma 45 rupees in electronic city from a dirty roadside shop (doddathogur). You are wasting your valuable rupees for substandard goods in India. If i had any way, i would take my family out of india

KIRAN JL said...




Anonymous said...

we are giving tax for it. you can,t say this type of language,

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Anonymous said...

I have recently moved to Bangalore i have faced several bitter experiences houses are very small yet they cost too high we need to change the house just after 4 to 5 months because too much selfish / stupid behavior of our owner. Even though we stay for 4 to 5 months while vacating they took paint charges,again broker charges , transport charges whole loss of around 30K. I am repenting for why did i come to such a city.

Anonymous said...

@ Kiran JL

Bangalore is not your dad's city. This is one of the city in India. We are not outsiders, we are Indian's. We are free to move in any city within India. Don't tell me that you never go outside Bangalore. If your answer to that is yes then I would say that you are just a frog of a small well. You better mind your language and learn to respect people around.

Now don't start giving democratic bullshit as democracy doesn't mean to speak rubbish and use bad language.

@ All

Yup prices are pretty high in Bangalore but the same applies to other big cities of India. The only way to fix this issue is to develop the industries equally among different cities of India. This way it will not only rectify high pricing issue but it will also help the people from different state to jell well with each other (@ Kiran JL: I hope you got it!).

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Anonymous said...

@ All,

I am born and brought up in Bangalore. Proud to share that we,as a family have settled down in Bangalore for more than 100 years, which was once known as Mysore Dynasty! We can be termed as 'Real Bangaloreans' or 'Original Inhabitants' of Bangalore/Bengaluru. But we are losing our identity at our own place! People do not talk or respond to us in Kannada! We have become minorities in our own state or city. A sad reality.

As mentioned in some of the comments above, people who are cheating, taking undue advantage and making exorbitantly huge amount of money are not Bangaloreans. They are from other places who saw the potential to growth and set up their scope.

Coming to the infrastructure support, Thanks to our Government and their corruption who are constantly busy in the land scams, land mafia, illegally constructing buildings and renting them to lure the benefits.

Next time you talk bad about Bangalore, think about what caused this result!

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Anonymous said...

I am from Bangalore who returned after staying in Hyderabad for 4 years.
I had the exact same experience in Hyderabad that you have in Bangalore.
One of my landlords asked me to raise my rent by 20%. When I protested, he asked me to change my job and get a hike in order to afford his rent!

The fact is the misleading image of an IT professional that is to blame.

Before Hyderabadis jump in and argue about the low cost of living in their city, let me tell you that it depends on where you live.
If you want to live 5 minutes walking distance away from your swanky office building, then please be prepared to pay the price for the convenience.
If not, move to the 'older' parts of town to a less swanky place and as somebody else said, buy your groceries from your neightbourhood mom-and-pop stores.

If you still feel like cribbing, please consider moving back to where you came from and starting a career there.

People should realize that the escalating cost of living is a fact in any city and is attributed to the influx of the relatively rich folks from within the country and beyond.

Anonymous said...

@12:02 AM, you said "If not, move to the 'older' parts of town" - even those are priced too high - infact higher than the 'IT areas'. Reasons (i.e. excuses) for high price vary from "centre of the town" or in some 'old' places that are not in the geometric centre-of-gravity of bangalore, "upcoming metro" / "upcoming <...>". Some IT folks have moved to Doddabalapur (a separate district near bangalore) to cut cost & they travel by bus to b'lore for a few days a week & work-from-home the rest of the days. Now Doddabalapur is under the radar of RE sharks. They sell "residential plots" at doddabalapur, and call that a part of b'lore, luring gullible folks in there & jaking up the cost unbelievably.
So, even if you try that hard to cut expenses the greedy mad dogs (brokers, RE sharks, rent sharks)sniff you, follow you and determinedly suck the last drop of blood from you.

Anonymous said...

Kanadika ke gand me gusa do sabhi aapna apna.bahenchood talent to hai nahi keval bakarchodi karte rehte hai.

Bangaluru is worst city to live.Too much crowded.It was built for and by defence.Not for these mysorian kandigas

powerslave said...

I have lived or visited all big cities in India and have been living in Bangalore for over a year what the author of this blog is saying is true, Bangalore is the most disgustingly expensive of them all. What is worst is there are no roads here it's practically a village which got lucky since IT guys came here else what is there here ? Unlike Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Mumbai this city is not being run by major business houses it's growth is just one dimensional i.e IT. Even if you live in a 1 crore flat you are dependent on those water tanker mafia for your water , there are no roads here , Delhi and Mumbai at least have a lot better public transport and road network.

Anonymous said...


But nobody realises one thing and that is blore is most cosmopolitan of all cities ...ppl from any state will not face any kind of problem wen it comes to language or speaking!! but try other cities for ex: chennai not only it is expensive but language is the biggest hurdle.Imagine a south indian goin to delhi he will have to learn hindi for that matter. Secondly nobody can beat the climate of this city. All types food are available for all kinds of ppl .So now compare these two very important features with any other city then you will perhaps realize.

Abhishek Mohan said...
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It is the influx of marvadis gujarathis tamilians malayalis hyderbadis has made this city what is not used to be. Most of the land dealings are either done by hyderbadis or tamilians so u can imagine. Most small scale bussiness are being run by marvadis or gujarthis so u can imagine. Kannadigas are losing there own importance in bangalore. Its our city and it wasnt like this before.Suddenly kannada has become a minor language than it used to be. We kannadiags seriously dont like that. Kaandigas have accepted ppl from different ethnic background with open arms but how many(outsiders) have really put in a effort to learn kannada? If u happen to go to cities like chennai,trivandrum then you will realize how difficult it is for you to survive in those cities. But most ppl dont realize that.It is the influx of ppl from other communities has made blore expensive.

Just News said...

good post. i am bangalorean who has returned home after 12 years to find this sad state.

the problem is not local/people. The problem is the dissapearing middle class and increasing gap between rich and poor. Thus, when the autowallah who also wants to educate his kids sees increasing prices , he too charges more.

why is this gap increasing? The answer to this question lies very far off.

the gap is increasing because, local services are paid very little compared to high tech industries (GE, microsoft and MNCs). Naturally a rich population increases prices.

How can MNCs pay so well? because the dollar is more strong than the rupee.

Why is the dollar more strong than the rupee? Because even though the USA makes very few goods, no country can buy or sell oil without the US dollar.

hence dollar is in demand.

if you need to strike at the heart of the problem, the world needs to dump the dollar. else people will foolishly sell farms and pay heavily to barely live.

Krishnakumar K A said...

In how many places you have lived to comment "its everywhere?"

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Most of my friends, when visiting Bangalore, say the same thing "Its not worth spending any money here...you don't get any quality for the money you spend". Buying apples (good imported ones, not shitty indian ones), cherries, fish are a luxury even today because Indian salaries are very less. A 10 year experience guy can be called lucky if he gets 18-20 lacs. This is basically just 8000 Dirhams a month. Even a clerk in Dubai can make that much. However, barring rent, all other good stuff cost pretty much the same everywhere. A biriyani costs 180 bucks in Dubai and Bangalore. Can you believe that..unhygienic Bangaloreans charging the same as swanky Dubai. Villagers here are driving SUVs...you know how they made that money right. Sitting on their ass and selling their land. If you are middle class...you better be out of India.

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Look at the ugly buildings in Bangalore, ugly roads, dirty unhygienic hotels, poverty everywhere. The sight makes you depressed. If Arabs and Africans are/were poor, we could understand why to an extent. But Indians are intelligent and street-smart and still we remain so poor. It's such a shame. Our netas have sold the INdia Shining story and made us feel better about the pile of shit we live in. Look at the numbers. As long as Indian incomes remain this low, there is not going to be any trickle down economics. You will have a huge layer of lower middle class people..thats it. We are seriously looking at a very bleak future for India, unless we make products that the world wants. Suzuki and Hyundai havent doen well anywhere in the world but they are a hit in India. Not surprising..Indian mindset is still too far away from demanding quality.

vinu s said...

I have migrated from Pune 2 years ago to Bangalore. My dream of settling down with 2 kids is dashed to pieces. This city is definitely garden city but comes with high price tags. Deposit of 10 months!!! Wonder what the owners think that tenant might be defaulters for 10 months..huh!! .To top 10% annual increase with such high rents. I have not been able to save much from my income after Rent , Expense, Transportation, Kids school fees, Monthly grocery. Not to talk about hours of my life spent on traffic jams!!! This place sucks.