Early morning blues....

Dear Friend,

r u Facing Problem wit Cockroach, Rodent, Ants, Lizards, Bedbugs, Termite, Honey bee or any other pests call us @9663****83.

What do you do when you receive this message 4 times in a row? That too at 7 o'clock in the morning.

I got pissed off and typed in a reply message :

I am not your friend and the only pest problem right now is you guys sending me this bullshit message.

But then my Indian-ness held me back from sending the reply. I tell you, we Indians are so meek. We can take any crap, I repeat any crap, they throw at us without complaining. No wonder the angrezs ruled over us for 200 goddamn years.

Whats with this carpet bombing of marketing smses? Do these morons think I missed the message the first time? If its a technical glitch, then why the hell is it only targeting me?

I am fed up, sick and tired of these messages. Can I do something about it? I have heard about DND services. I have always thought of starting one on my number but then I always forget about it.

Or maybe, I love getting smses about a flat at dirt cheap rates of 49.97 Lacks and free Benetton Sunglasses. BTW, the flat is of just 1200 square feet and situated on the NH4, about 10 kms from the city. Oh! Wouldn't I love spending some sixty - seventy lacks on a house in which I cannot live; as I can't afford to commute for two and a half hours every day. And the Benetton guys need 499/- only for shipping charges. As if they are going to ship it to me from US of A.

I love such messages because they give me something to dream about. And they come only once or twice a day. That too in the afternoons.

But after today's episode, I am totally pissed off. I am gonna get my carrier to put a full stop to these con tricks of the marketing guys.
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Dhiman said...

Nevermind I got a message from UAEExchange 6 times for funding my Kids foreign education. Whose Kid? I mean are they talking of illegal ones ? :P
Yes its irritating if it reaches you at wrong times ...

Paritosh said...

He he he... That's a killer.

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Paritosh said...

Hmmm... sweet!! So I got my first spam comment. Three cheers for my blog. Hip, hip hurray!!

Anonymous said...

Yes these people annoy the hell out of me, they are everywhere; in your cell phone inbox, in your mail inbox, and in your e-mail inbox...and in your case in your comment box too ;)..

and when this all in not enough for them, they send their salesman to your houses...

Paritosh said...

@ Shilpa

I know... These are the pests of the internet always trying to spoil a good post. :)

Anonymous said...

hey there!
you got an award!! visit my blog to get it.
and sorry if i posted this comment 2 times,I guess some error happened.


Maurya said...

You are better off dude!!! I get at least 15-20 SMS's daily and I cannot understand any of them (even if I want to).. Coz all of them are in TAMIL!!! :D

Shas said...

Half the calls and sms that i receive are from these customer care ppl. They are annoying and really bugging at times but there are times when i thank that atleast they call me when it seems that it has been ages that anyone messaged or called me .

Paritosh said...


Thanks again for the award.


He he he... Lucky me!!


Hmmm... they do make our lives worthy at times.

pawan said...

You get atleast readble messages. All i get is, do u want to know who your future partner is?
Do you wanna knw who ur love is going to be,
so on and so forth!
Arses, they better pull up a pimp service than sending messages!