Satyamev Jayate!! Or is it??

Damn!! How could I have missed this show for so long? I am such a jackass!

This is a total entertainer. A life line for all us weak-hearted, courageless, spineless,hopeless liars. Yesterday, I came to the great realisation of my life, the ultimate truth, the nirvana of my existence:

Honesty is NEVER a great policy.

On the other hand, not being honest is a great insurance policy. All you have to do is to keep all your dirty secrets in wraps. By dirty secrets I mean the likes of :

  • you got divorced without telling anyone.
  • you had an affair with your colleague while your wife was battling with cancer at the hospital.
  • you eat non-veg like a lion AND you belong to a Jain family
  • you have a kid in some remote part of the country and his mother is not you wife.
  • you have murdered someone in a fit of rage and no one pinned it to you.

I hope you get my point.

Once you have your quota full (at least 21) of such damning, life changing experiences, go to the famed Star Parivaar Studios. There you will meet a bunch of dead brains who will ask you to strap on a lie detector. They will ask you questions from those parts of your life which only one person in the world knows about. You.

Now, call your wifey, your parents and your friends on the sets and humiliate them to the hilt. Answer all the questions truthfully, pretending as if you never wanted to. And then walk off with a cool pot full of moolah.

Hmmmm... quite a scam, isn't it? I would love to go to this place. But then I would have to have an affair, murder someone and beget a kid. Heavy!! Lemme see, lemme see... this would take at least 9 months. And the season ends this Friday. Damn, man! I just missed the bus to the moon and never realised it.

Anyways, there is always a second time and the second season.

Ah!! Before I sign off and forget about it again, I have got another award :

This was bestowed upon me by Shilpa. Thanks a ton Shilpa!

Normally, everyone would expect me to give my acceptance speech, but she has given a very flattering reason for this award and I would like to quote it:

Paritosh: Last but not the least, 3rd one is Paritosh. His blog is Fiction and life, as he calls it. Humor, stories, poems,reviews, travelogue, seriousness, Bluntness,wit and little bit of innocence; all under one roof or you can say one blog. And I would like you all to read his poem Was She To Be Blamed? , you will come to know what I am talking about.

Wow!! And I thought that I write crap. Talk about false sense of modesty!
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Anonymous said... can try for next season ;)

and once again ,"YOU DON'T WRITE CRAP." and moreover, i don't praise anyone just for the sake of praising. so, i guess you can believe me. :)


Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right. It is all crap. I liked the way you touched the topic. Beautiful..

Paritosh said...


I have already started preparations ;)


Thanks bro! and welcome to the blog.

Shas said...
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Shas said...

Congrats!! for the award.
Your posts are becoming more n more interesting with each passing day. I dunno if the humorous and the sarcastic side of yours has surfaced now or i missed it out in your earlier posts. Whatever it is am enjoying it.

Shilpa Garg said...

Oooh! That's a good one!! My sentiments exactly!!
Even I had written a post on this program!!

You may like to read it at!!

PS: There's a surprise for you on my blog!

Check it out! :)


Gyanban said...

They should include an option to dare [remember truth or dare] sp we can complete the circus with dead brains and dead acts.

Paritosh said...


Dunno if I sound humorous, but sarcastic, definitely. I am sarcastic from the day I was born. Heck I won the "Most Sarcastic Boy" award in my first standard(!)

@Shilpa Garg

I read the post. I would like to know what happened on the next episode ;). BTW thanks for the award.