An Indian SuperHero Flick

A thought has been nagging me for the last few days. When ADA group can invest 400 odd million greenbacks in movies with American superheroes, why can't we have one from India. And no, I am not talking about a movie about Shaktiman. Drona doesn't count as a superhero either. At the best, he is a great grump but no superhero.

Lets have a movie based on our favorite superheroes from Raj comics. Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv. WHAT!! You don't know them? Damn man!! You don't deserve to live in India. These are our Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Chaddiman, every man rolled in one. I can go on and on about the heroics of these two. After all, I have followed them for 20 long years. But I won't. Go to the nearest bookstore and get a Raj comics. They will rock your world. You can trust me on this.

Now, coming to the cast, I have Hritick Roshan as Nagraj and Amir Khan as SCD. Both fit the bill perfectly. Hritick has the height and physique to pull it off in the green suit. He even has the natural curls like Nagraj. Amir Khan, post Ghajini has got the looks and the physique. He also looks smart enough to potray a person with super thinking capabilities.

As for the story is concerned, we can have their childhood and upbringing being shown in a parallel way. As the movie nears the climax, we can have a clash between the two as they fight the same bad bad man (Our very own Gullu). The tension builds up before they come to know both fight against the dark, evil forces and then join hands to beat the shit off Gullu. Ta da. A great movie with all great action scenes. It will earn more than Batman Returns and Superman Returns combined.

The VFX can be done by our own desi animators sitting in Bangalore and Bombay. When they can work on movies like Matrix and Madagascar, they must be truly world class, isn't it? I personally know a few who can do these.

A R Rahman can give the OSTs, and wait for one more Oscar perhaps. We can have Papa Rakesh Roshan as the director. He has got experience in directing superheroes, remember Krrish?
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Dhiman said...

Hmm ... Indian Super hero well till date we have Ghatotkach or Hanuman doing the honour maybe soon we'll have the Nagraj & SCD .... BTW you didn't mention who'll play the bad man...also we need a heroine ... I think Priyanka will be good with her Superhero experience (Krissh & Drona) ...

Anonymous said...

Cool thought...
and yes Hritik will do a good Nagraj


neeraj said...

Haha... hilarious indeed! But I gave it a serious thought either... Better get this idea patented ASAP. You are going to be a millionaire soon buddy! Best Luck!

Mohammed Musthafa said...

haha...u shud write a screenplay for the movie! btw...have u heard tht Aamir Khan might be playing the role of Hanuman? Along side Keanu Reeves as Ram? Check that story out!

Paritosh said...


I have voted for Gullu as the original badman. Lets see if the studios approve him ;).

About the heroines, I am not sure but ya Priyanka will make the cut.


Didn't I tell ya!


Waiting for my day to come bro...


I am willing to write the screenplay bro, if they pay me for it. :)

And I feel Amir will be able to do justice to the role as Hanuman. I am waiting eagerly for the movie. Its slotted for 2012 release, I suppose.

BTW, did you guys read about the movie on Doga Anurag Kashyap is supposed to make?

Anonymous said...