Google Adsense is really intelligent!!

Check this out... Its a damn cool coincidence!

Today when I checked into my blog after a long day, I saw my google ad banner showing an amazing collection of ads. There is an ad for a Divorce lawyer, followed by a Matchmaker, followed by a Internet Dating site and then a Singles ad site.

Ingenious, isn't it? You ask why. Don't you get it?

First a divorce lawyer gets you a divorce, and that too at a cheap price of S$1700 (all service taxes extra of course). Damn cheap, I tell you. I think these Indian lawyers are fleecing the prospective divorcees.

You live your life to the full for a few days. Enjoy the booze and the pubs. Watch cricket and football matches all nights with no one shouting at you. Refresh your memory by watching your porn collection again. In short have a hell of a time.

But then everyone says how sad you look. How there is no one to take care of you. How you have to remarry to bring your life back on track. You get pissed off by all the peer pressure and agree for the new marriage.

You reluctantly go to the matchmakers. You try your luck with a few sessions of going and meeting the brides to be. But then suddenly you find, no gal is ready to marry you.

If you have a face and a sense of humor like me then of course you won't have any luck. Perhaps that's why your wife left you in the first place (lucky she). Also, the already thrifty inflow to your bank balance has got a new destination... Alimony and Maintenance. No self respecting gal will marry a bozo like you.

No worries. You have a lot other options.

Join the Dating site. On the net anyone can be a James Bond. Take a pic of any of the guys with the famous 6-pack abs, photoshop your face onto it and upload it as your avatar. Voila! suddenly a new macho-you is ready to take on all the babes in the world.

Somehow you manage to coerce a girl, with the body of Salma Hayek, into talking to you. By now, you have grown smart and decide to wait before you go for the final kill. You talk to her, flatter her, cajole her before you finally decide to meet face to face. In short, you minimise your chances of rejection.

While you drive down to the nice, fancy restaurant to meet her, all the way you practice how you would tell her that for the last two months you have had loads of work and thus no time for gym. This is the only reason why the macho-you avatar has changed into the real-you.

Anyways, you reach the restaurant and you find some one waiting on the table you had reserved. Damn! Its then when you realise : You are not the smartest person on the earth. The body of Salma Hayek was really Salma Hayek's.

Suddenly you listen to your own excuse from her. Double damn! the girl not only stole your idea, she also stole your excuse. You decide to go to the washroom and sneak out from the backdoor.

Now the only way out left for you is to give a personal ad for singles on the last website and wait for a reply to come.

So now tell me, isn't this array of ads a very convenient one?
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Guria said...

I was just thinking of the davertisements and thinking, ahh Paritosh, the happily married man! :D
But your explanation/descriptions had me falling off my chair!
The sombre sarcastic tone! Bring on more!! :D

Aditya said...
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Aditya said...

//You are not the smartest person on the earth. The body of Salma Hayek was really Salma Hayek's//

^ Hilarious.

I like your style of taking small things and creating humour out of it. Keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I love google.. this was too hilarious!

Naveen kumar said...

LOLs nice post ...

"You are not the smartest person on the earth. The body of Salma Hayek was really Salma Hayek's."

specially this

Anonymous said...

Hey, visit my blog
there is something waiting for you :)
Hope you like it:)
I will definitely read your blog after some time..

MadhaV said...

its good that you got the Ads...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ......
I just had to restrain myself from falling.....
ha ha ....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award, sorry for being late, my pc got crashed so i wasn't able to log on...

Thanks a lot for the award. :)


Paritosh said...




Thanks man! and welcome to the blog.


The mighty Google sure has a lot of tricks up its sleeves.




I too think so...


Thanks a ton for the award thingy Buddy.


Hmmmm... And I thought you started calling a spade a spade and left reading my blog.

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Yup...Google is smart...and rather convinient too huh? Good post...btw....U've been changing your layouts a bit too often right?

Mohammed Musthafa said...
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Paritosh said...


Yup... I was experimenting with the looks. Think I am done now. Hopefully, this will be it for a long time to come now.

pawan said...

Now the Google ads are quite different on your blog!
Until recently, a ad used to come on my adsense window about a boy Aditya who was kidnapped years ago, but not found. The poor child was strangulated and killed but still the site comes up. How do the google bosses expect meagre people interested mostly in porn to see some kidnapping site?


Paritosh said...


Well, google has got other better works to do. A lots of click-dollars to collect.