Last Few Days

Huh!! Seems like it has been ages since I posted here. It has been a very busy week:

* Last Sunday, I wrote the last of the "Closed Book" exams for my MS. They went fine but not that great (how could they when I got only 8 hours to study for two papers). Anyways I am happy that finally after 3.5 years of sheer pain it is getting over.
* I am finally done with my iPhone app demo at my office. It generated a lot of buzz and I hope will generate some funds. I desperately need a device and another macbook to work on.
* Debu, Ankit and I met yesterday and finalized on the new project we are taking up.

Life has started to settle down after a week of frenzied activities and now I am feeling both exhausted and aimless. I need to take up more challenges to keep myself motivated. I am thinking of starting a new blog about the technical aspects of my life. Will let you guys know when I actually do it. Till then Adios!
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