Some useless musings

A lot of things have been going on in my head for the last few days. Its seems as if I have gone from being a normal, hardworking software engineer to a daydreaming loafer. Not a bad proposition, huh!! Wanted to be one all my life.

Anyways, I have been thinking a lot of stuff, stuff about the IPL and the obscene amount of money involved in what is essentially a game we played as kids with the prize amount never going northwards of Rs. 11(or Re 1 per head which ever be the smaller). Stuff about the elections where in some 1000 Crores are to be spent on choosing a bunch of idiots who will scheme of loosing some 100,000 Crores a year. Stuff about Infosys chucking out 2100 employees because they don't have demand for them. If every company starts throwing out people like this then I wonder where will the demand come from. Stuff about a bumbling RJ sitting somewhere in the United States of Asses and royally declaring that slumdogs in India will never give the Asses their jobs back. I ask who gave him his job!!

Soemtimes I wonder who governs this World? Is it a very intricate system of money and power or just simple-rustic-plain-old neolithic instinct of survival? If you see closely, you can't make out the difference. To understand the difference, you need to get out of the box, literally fly high up into the sky and see the buffoonery everyone is so dedicatedly engaged in. I try to let my mind do that from time to time (Yes! I know I am mad) and what I found out is that its all a play on our mind, our emotions by a select few who know the trick and they are the ones who are running the show.

They play on our fears, show us the devastations in Afganistan, in Pakistan, in Mumbai, in Delhi, in New York; and ask us to give them more power in order to defeat the dark forces. Who knows may be they all have an underhand dealing where in the handlers sitting in Langley or North Block are orchastrating these jokers (who BTW think they are fighting for Jehad). Whooo... what a scary scenario!! Why go into the terrible scenarios where men loose life, take the case of IPL, maybe the Ambanis and Vijay Mallayas of the IPL sit together cozily with their chilled beers (KF of course) and decide the wins and losses before even the games begin. As Mr Royalton says in Speedracer "Its not about the game kid. Its all about business".

I know I am going mad... I know I think too much. But what to do, I have not much else to do.
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