Surprise!! Surprise!! Guess who I met yesterday? Well.. I met one of my long lost and forgotten (on second thoughts, not so forgotten thanks to Orkut) classmate from SFS. Now, its not like we were bosom buddies or anything, I hardly talked 2 or 3 times to her in all my 12 years of schooling, but still meeting her was what I would categorise as 'nice'. Meeting anyone from your school 10 years later is always 'nice'. A blast from the past!

The most embarassing part was when I met her hubby (Yes!! She is married, I am not the only one from my class to tie the knot) all I could manage was a dumb "OK! So you are the husband". Now, this guy is a very cheerful, warm and smiling person and thats why this is embarassing. Had he been some creep then I would not be writing this post, would I? Whats more funny is that standing there I felt he was the outsider, a third entity, an uncomfortable presence.

I dunno how to justify this feeling. I can only say that meeting girls, who I have seen in those red-school-uniform-skirt and red ribbons tied to their unkempt hair, with THE guy of her life is something that would take some getting used to. Maybe thats how Neha's friends feel when they meet me or my friends feel when they meet her. Its a very complex emotion, very hard to explain. Its not like we want to own the person but everyone from our schools or colleges own a part of our life - some moments when we had fought, some moments when laughed together and some moments when we didn't even notice each other.To relinquish the ownership of all these moments to someone else is difficult. Have you ever had such feelings?

And before I forget, let me wish that may God bless them both!!
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