Old Love

Now that I am out of my last project at my office, I have been deprived of the luxury of having a cab waiting at my doorsteps. Not the one to crib, I have found a use to the hours I spend in travelling on BMTC buses.

I have reignited my old passion - reading. The fact that both biwi and I love reading adds a certain romanticism to this. We go to the bookstore every weekend and get two or three books to satiate our voracious capacity to read. Its a very nice feeling to read a book that you own. I am new to this sense of ownership as I have always read books borrowed from the library, friends, colleagues, relatives, strangers... I hope you get the point.

I had this collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer for quite some time, but couldn't get myself to read it. Not that I have any grudge against short stories but I love the longer versions with more twists and turns. Its biwi who adores them, she likes the fact that you can complete one quickly and still be able to enjoy a full story. She practically talked me into reading the book and I am totally thankful to her for this.

Today coming on the bus, I read a gem of a love story. It can be compared with "Love Story", "TheNotebook" or "The Bridges of Madison County". I won't spoil the essence of the story by giving some half baked synopsis of the story. You have to read it to believe the kind of love the protagonists have. Its a story wherein you will envy them and still can find similarities between your life and theirs. Its a classic and is highly recommended to be read. Never knew Archer could write such wonderful love sagas. You can read it in this book or in "A Quiver Full of Arrows".
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