51 posts... 201 Visitors...

I am so happy today, finally I made it to the 50 mark and that too with 200 people reading my blog. Yippee!!

I admit that 190 out of the 200 "unique" visitors was me, trying to hijack different computers to increase the count. But still... I owe this post to the 10 other people who have come and read my crap and, strangely, commented on it too. Thanks a ton guys!
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Mou said...

but 190 unique visitors couldnt be u yaar.. come on... u need to thank my world class internet conn and deoghar electricity board. everytime i m in the middle of loading a page (including urs)... either a power cut greets me or a 'problem loading page'. :)
So, u see i keep coming back to read n comment... thus adding to ur visitors. ! simple maths!

Paritosh said...

He he he... thanks for the untiring effort.