I sat by the sea and wept...

I sat by the sea and wept... The blinding sun and the dazzling sand stood witness to my agony. Sometimes I wonder what made me love her. Sometimes I wonder what made me cry.

The whole world was out there, playing by the sea. The sea was lulling the land to sleep. There was happiness everywhere around me. But not in my heart. This shearing pain blocked all happiness from me.

Why was she so cruel? Why didn't she understand? Why was she so adamant?

I had never been so humiliated all my life, yet the humiliation was not what I was worried about. I was worried about her. I was worried about her future, our future. I was worried where would we land up if we go the same way. Was this relation all that I ever wanted?

I started weighing my options. When you start weighing your options, there is something seriously wrong with your relationship. I knew this and hated myself for it. But then I hated her more for what she had done. I was devastated... Was this the end of it all?

I still remember the day when I sat by the sea and wept.

N.B. This post is to show that we guys too have emotions. We don't show it out in open by deliberation. We have always been gauged by the "maturity" we show. The girls get away with their stupid fights because "they are meant to be kiddish". But what about us? Why don't they see our point of view? "Hath not a Jew an eye...". Don't we guys have feelings? Don't we cry when you hurt us? Only because our tears don't show doesn't mean we don't care.

Lately a few of my friends have been ditched. They were thrown out unceremoniously out of the lives of their love. The reasons were many, varying from the girl's parents not willing for their union to the girl wanting a change in her life. And the guys decided to take it in their stride, willing to let the relationship die a silent death. Willing to let go without a fight. All because they were supposed to behave with a maturity. WTF!!
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Mou said...

hmm.. Controversial issue. :)
Several factors work offstage actually !

Dhiman said...

'Men don't cry' eh...actually thats a myth I guess ...read somewhere that Men suffer more from cardiac ailments because they suppress their emotions....so I think 'we' should let 'our' emotions out to live longer with a healthier "heart" ...how about that?

Paritosh said...


:) I like controversies..


Nice thoughts dude.