And then he died.

"If I don't die from the fall the I probably would never", he thought as he glanced down from the terrace of his 13th floor office. Then he laughed at the absurdity of the thought, "Why would I jump? I have everything that I could ask for. I lead a fulfilled life." Then he realized " But then what's the use of this life, I have already lived it. I have nothing left to live for now". He thought and he jumped.

The fall was swift. He felt nothing, absolute nothing. A nothingness he had never felt before. That's a new feeling, he thought and smiled. Then came the crash. His head hit the floor first, a jarring smash. His eyes saw a brilliant flash, concussion, and then nothing, everything went blank and his last thoughts were "What a perfect end to a rather perfect life!". And he smiled, a twisted smile etched on his burst, saggy head which intrigued the investigating authorities for days to come.

He was a brilliant student in school. Went to the just perfect college, one of the most prestigious ones in the country. In college, he had the most fulfilling life. He fell in love with a girl, fucked someone else, made love to the third and almost married the fourth. In fact, he would have continued this if she had not come in his life. This time he fell in love, fucked the girl, made love to her and married her. After college, he held a good position in a reputed firm, made loads of money, roamed around the world. By the age of 28 he had a house, a good car, a beautiful wife and a loving daughter.

In one word,he had it all. He was fulfilled. He was satisfied. He saw no more cause for his existence and then he died.
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Mou said...

Good One !
But he should have lived... Arey yaar... there were still places to travel... I hope he didnt travel all around... :(

But full appreciation to you, A unique concept.. Liked it.

By the way, you have been tagged. Check out the following link on my blog :

Paritosh said...

Sad that he didn't meet u before :)...

Thanx for the tag... lets see what I can do about it.