School Days

Yesterday when I saw a topic in our School Community on Orkut, it was like the floodgate of memories has been opened. People were discussing their special moments from our school life.

I can't single out a moment from our school days as the best. I have loads and loads of special moments from school. It was with us for 12 goddamn years afterall!

I still remember the first day at school, all the kids crying and the nuns (or sisters as we used to call them) dragging them to the class, away from their parents. For some unknown reasons, I didn't even shed a single tear (was actually very excited as Maa tells me). Think I knew I was going to have some excellent times at the school.

Then I remember my first crush... Sajji Miss. She was an elegant lady and my heart skipped several beats when she passed around my desk. I know Class Three was a tad too early to be in love but... Dil to dil hai naa!!

Then there is the day (I think I was in the 5th standard) when I won my first quiz competition. Was a BIG deal for me... as you all know I was a good for nothing bum at school and to win some competition is always a big deal for guys like me.

I remember all the Picnics. Buying veggies and provisions the day before, waking up early in the morning to board the bus, playing antarakshari all the way, having fun at the venue and then coming back late in the night. I specially remember the picnics of 4th, 5th and 10th standards.

Teacher's day in the 10th Std was also special. We worked hard day and night to make it a success. The scandal that our industrious classmates created by embezzling the funds also helps me remember the occasion.

Getting suspended from school is never a good publicity exercise but I always feel proud to tell everyone I was suspended from the school for 3 days. I never tell the reason though for its triviality. Hope you guys also don't remember the reason and let my pride be. Though I was suspended later from DPS for various reasons, but still as they say.. First loves are never forgotten.

Then there is the day when I played the-innings-of-my-life in the opening cricket match against the "White" team. For an accomplished player like me(notice the sarcasm), it was a great moment of pride to be the architect of a win.

I specially remember the last days at school when we used to sit on the last bench and enjoy all day long. I remember the morning walks which turned into a 10 mile long jaunt. I remember sitting on the puliya in the evening and having some bhunja from Chotelal.

There were days when we didn't do anything special but still they are close to my heart as those were the days when we friends loitered around.

Oh! I am growing nostalgic now and before this post runs into pages I will stop .
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The Pack said...

School days are the best dude! Love 'em!

Paritosh said...

I know bro... I know.