India loose... Dhoni Old

Has the pressure of captaining Indian (or rather the BCCI) Cricket team taken its toll on the 'Captain Cool'? At 27 years 343 days Dhoni has become old... his hairs gray and spirit weakened. Yesterday, while watching the match there came a moment when I thought he looked so despondent. Last few days have been emotionally too heavy for him, what with all the controversies of a rift in the team and all. All these and some more have finally started to show their effect.

When they said Obama became old in a month after his inaugaration, I was sceptical. But after seeing this with our beloved Dhoni, I accept the prowess of media at everything including predicting new medical ailments.

Coming to yesterdays match, I think India had it coming for them. Being too arrogant has never been Indian team's virtue, but this team was slowly becoming one. The miff with media more than showcased the carefree attitude of these youngsters. The way they played yesterday only reiterated the point that they are begining to believe themselves as invincible, same as the Austrailian team. Anyways, being a true Indian fan that I am, I can dissect and analyse the reasons for long hours but can refuse the fact that I am going to lament this loss for a long time to come.

By the way, have you guys noticed that the sneaky bastard fakeiplplayer is back in business. So much for his I-will-vanish-after-the-IPL rhetoric!!
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