Is it just me shit scared or has the world gone to the dogs?

Everyday in the morning when I read the news paper, I see a lot of scary stories : a 75 year old guy killed his wife in front of his 7 year old grand kid; a 10 year old killed his friend because of a fight over a kite; a 14 year old rapes and then kills his 6 year old neighbor; a father rapes and imprisons his daughter for 30 long years. I mean, these are not stories out of some grotesque horror movies but these are happening amongst us, and real, living, breathing people are committing these horrendous crimes.

These little stories usually form up a small section in the 3rd page of the newspaper, the major portion dedicated to senseless news as to what chaddi is Dhoni gonna wear today or in whose cup size is the biggest in bollywood. But still somehow I manage to read them and reflect upon them. Shit!! I need to give up my habit of reading newspaper in the loo. Then environment is affecting my brains capability of sifting out shit from the good stuff.

Anyways, while we are at it, let me ponder upon some really shitty questions. Has the devil really bought up our souls? Are the doomsday stories a reality? Is the paap ka palda really becoming heavier than the sum total of punya on this planet? Will the Gods annihilate the world as we know becoming fed up with the sins we commit?
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Tys on Ice said...

bad things happen and its news becoz of its rarity...truth is the crap u read in the paper is commited by a few people....majority leads a crimeless, staid, decent life...its always a great day when u r still shocked by wht u read...becoz then we know that we are ok...its time to worry when u find a news about a guy helping an old woman cross the street...

i really dont think theres a god or a devil involved in all this...we give a lil too much importance to ourselves...its a shit of our own making...all the way..

Paritosh said...

Hmmmm..interesting point u have there Tys.

But still the rarity of these crimes is decreasing rapidly. When I was a child, even the report of a burglary would create sensation in the town. Now even the news of rape and murder is waived off nonchalantly.

It is this complacence to crime that I am scared of.

The Pack said...

And I would ask...Is there a Devil? Is there a God looking after us? or is he just there as a non-interfering Supreme power? Is the devil a part of the God Himself?...:S...confused??...I may be! :(

Paritosh said...

Is there devil? Is there God?

I dunno... and I don't care. But the thing that's haunting me is "Why is this happening?". So much of hatred and violence. Austrailians killing Indians, Indians killing naxalites, Naxalites killing the police and the military, the Srilankan military killing the LTTEs, the pakistani Taliban hitting on the Srilankan cricketers... u know what I mean.

And in the midst of all this mad house, Pakistan wins the T20 WC. What the Fuck!!