My Bucket List

Yesterday, I saw The Bucket List, and kept pondering all through the night about shitty issues like life, afterlife and what lies in between.

It was then when I decided to make MY bucket list, my own "n things to do before I die" kinda list.
  1. Sail around the world. I have always been fascinated by the sea and the white, beautiful beaches. I would love to be on a small yacht sailing round the world.
  2. Drive around the world. They say the best way to see the world is to go on a bike and I would definitely love to do that.
  3. I want to be remembered , so would like to do something which is worth remembering (have not decided upon this yet but will let you guys know as soon as I do).
  4. Teach Maths in junior school. Whenever I see kids fearing Mathematics, I know they are not being taught properly. With proper guidance and technique Maths could be fun.
  5. Publish a novel. I have always been a storyteller, and would love to write a novel one day.
  6. Say sorry to all those who I have hurt. I have been quite reckless all through my life but would like to meet all those whom I have hurt and apologize.
Well the list is unending but these are my most highly prioritized ones.
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Mou... said...

Its nice reading u... never ever thot this side of u could exist, but then i never knew u much...
And this particular post inspires me for a post on my blog. ;)

Mou... said...

i commented on this post before.. i guess network problem on my side.
you write good too... in fact i never knew this side of yours, (though i shudnt claim that i knew you much at school.) :)
Loved reading ur blog.
And your bucket list inspired me to create mine... coming soon!

Paritosh said...

Hey... thanks for the encouraging word. Dunno about the quality of my posts but ya I love to write. Hope you don't get fed up with my whining here and come back for more ;)

And post ur bucket list soon... Its always good to start learning about people you had been with so many years but never knew.