I love a girl from my class

I love a girl from my class!!

No, no, no, no, no...
not that one competing with the hourglass;
neither the one with her father called Midas!
Nah! you're wrong again, dear,
if your guess is that fair, fair lass.

Now, come on! Don't overburden your instincts.
I'll give your some vital hints
which will paint her persona in tints.

No! her hair is not the black, black cloud,
as would suggest you flirt,hard core;
But for sure the long black silk, always flowing free
make my heart beats go on a crazy spree.

Again, her eyes are not two deep-blue lakes
as metaphored in the old song tracks;
but one thing is sure - once you look into those 'black holes' -
I'll be required to impress you no more.

As to her beautiful smile -
Ah! What should I say?
You'll have to see the zillion dollar ones
to experience what causes my thoughts to go disarray.

Her voice is so sweet and loving;
Even Obama will surrender to the super cop Bush
just to hear her utter a "Sssh!".
And do I need to create any more fuss?

Her simplicity - a virtue which is virtually extinct -
she is simpler than simplicity itself.
What more proof do you need if I say -
she doesn't even know when is the Valentine's day.

Arrey yaar, I am now running out of thoughts.
Even now if you can't make her out,
I'll be compelled to indicate her in a manner roundabout -
The girl sitting farthest to me
Ya! Ya! the one nearest to the last
is the girl whom I love, from my class.

[I know, I know... Its pathetic. But what can I do... I have hit the blogger's block, so I had to publish this poem I had written long long back.]
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