I am again at the crossroads... not literally but in that philosophical, intangible sort of a way wherein you say "What the hell will I do?".

I have been at these points all through my life, like when I had to choose between an engineering degree from BIT Mesra and a B.Sc. degree from Hindu (though BIT never stood much of a chance); or the day when I had to choose between my job with Wipro and my MBA plans; or like the day when I had to choose between whiskey and rum (a BIG choice for me). Well, I have had my share of such big and small choices and my choices define what I am today. And I can safely say am happy today that I made these choices (BTW I drink whiskey, graduated from Hindu and work with Wipro).

Being a veteran in this choice making business, I should be a great decision maker. Right?

WRONG!! I still hate taking decisions. Reason : I am one of those guys who go week in the knees when confronted with a choice.

So when today I find myself confronted with some more of these make-or-break scenarios, I am shivering with the fear of making a choice. Some of my most pressing concerns are :

  1. Buy a Bullet or any other just-another-street-bike. I am fed up of driving around in a car and now want to have the freedom of driving a bike. The question is should I go for the bike-from-the-wet-dreams-of-any-Indian-male or for the economy of owning a street bike. I have not yet decided but biwi is leaning towards the later. For the uninitiated, biwi (and mind you, this is the universal truth I am speaking about) is always correct and I know I will go with what she suggests, but still... the choice is there. And where there is a choice there is a trembling Paritosh. Period.
  2. Continue with my well settled earn-while-you-sleep job or go the hard way - the entrepreneurship way. Off late, I have been toying with this idea of opening my own upstart venture. However, this needs the guts and commitment of a madman and I don't know if I have reached the stage "yet". Anyways the choice is still there.
  3. Go for an international MBA or go on the world tour I have always dreamt of. Both will cost a hell-lot-of money and use up 1.5 to 2 years of my life. I just have to decide which will be more useful for my future prospects.
Hmmmm... the questions are many and the answers vague, and I am sure I will take the correct decisions. But till all is said and done I will have to suffer through these bouts of decidophobia(whatever that means).
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