Now Shahrukh Khan too blogs

Amir Khan started a new craze in the so called bollywood.. Blogging. Then came Amitabh Bachchan with the help of the Ambanis. And now there is a new kid on the block - SRK. Looks like our film industry is finally catching up with the technology.

What I thought was wrong with SRK's blog was that he tries to be too patriarchal, almost sounding condescending. And when he writes, he becomes too philosophical. His posts, sans his amusing wit and humor, are a bit dry and heavy. Looks like he is taking the Kolkata losses very heavily. Who won't after spending millions of dollars?

I think he should open up a bit more and show his karishma in his posts. He has got an amazing gift of gab and he should use it here. Anyways, that's what I think and who gives two hoots for me!
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