Fake IPL Player : A new star is born

IPL has finally got its moment of ignominy... a Watergate scandal which is threatening to bring down the mighty Kolkata Knight Riders. Someone who claims to be an insider, a player who can "bowl a bit, bat a bit, and field like a maniac" and who is excellent at serving drinks, is supposedly trying to bring the house down with his witty but scandalous blog.

Now, I am no big Cricket fanatic and I don't have the posters of all the Cricket demi-gods at my home, but what he writes on his blog about the cricketers do demean them. The posts, if by a real player from the team, do show the dark side of the Gentleman's game; where the players try to score not on the field but in their beds, where there are bets about who would be the first to bed a fellow commentator, where jealousy runs so deep that the players undermine their teams position to gain some personal brownie points. I dunno about you guys but I for sure wouldn't like to be a part of any of this. Oh my Lord! Thank you for leading me away from the vices ;) .

And upon the authenticity of the blogger, I am not sure. Although he throws some juicy stories about the discos and pubs but he doesn't give anything concrete. All the time I have been reading his blogs, I have never seen any concrete news about the players. The blog is filled with all kinds of gossips and rumours which can be garnered by reading any of the glossy magazines out there. Any zealous journo can very well gather these details and wrap them up with his own imagination and serve it HOT!.

Maybe if I let my imaginations run wild, I can see that this is a coordinated effort from a professional PR agency hired by maybe SRK or Buchannan to get the required media glare. What they lack in cricketing skills can be helped with a few extra eyeballs on this blog and get them more TRPs when they play. After all, in the end, its all about the money honey!

Whatever and whoever it is, one thing is for sure. IPL has its share of Paparazzi now. Three Cheers for Mr. Modi!!
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