Tag Time

Tag time... Dhiman tagged me with this ,like , millions of years ago. So its time to fulfill my responsibilities. As for passing on the tag, I decided to let it be an open Invitation. Anyone is free to take up this tag from me.

Getting on with the tag, I have to answer 20 questions and all the answer should start with 'P', the first letter of my name. So here we go :

1. What is your name: Paritosh ( Wow! that's another entry of my name in the virtual world. Eat that you Gogglebot!)

2. A four Letter Word: Puke (Disgusting is my middle name. Wait, I don't think that came out right)

3. A boy’s Name: Patrick [ My nickname when I called for AT&T in Convergys. ]

4. A girl’s Name: Parineeta

5. An occupation: Painter

6. A color: Purple (Is there any other color starting with P?)

7. Something you wear: Pajamas

8. A food: Pancakes

9. Something found in the bathroom: Pot (My throne)

10. A place: Patna

11. A reason for being late: Pukezilla... it puked on my clothes as soon as I came out of my home.

12. Something you shout: Phatashsh (Oh how I wish my parents named me "Farishta" so that I could have given a better expletive here)!!

13. A movie title: Pink Panther (I just swear by Inspector Jacques Clouseau)

14. Something you drink: Paani... plain and simple with a dash of lemon and few drops (or rather more than a few drops of) Whiskey.

15. A musical group:
Puddle of Mudd (Of "She Fucking Hates Me" fame)

16. An animal: Platecarpus : Platecarpus was a medium-sized mosasaur with long, narrow jaws lined with sharp, pointy teeth. This marine lizard grew to 24 feet (7 meters) in length and roamed the shallow seas of the Late Cretaceous in search of small fish and squid.

OK... I took NGCs help for this. I couldn't have written Pig (fear of loss of readership you see).

17. A Street name: Potholed road (can be found in almost every nook and corner of India)

18. A type of car: Pontiac... one of the best car makers in the world.

19. A song title: Paint my Love by MLTR

20. A verb: Puke (see its verb too)

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Dhiman said...

GR8 that you completed it and you don't have to be Sorry for being late I know Pukezilla stroke you down ;) ....
MLTR is one my favorites as well :D ...
Came to know about the animal with 'P' Thanks for the lil info....
Like your drink too ;)

Shas said...

First things first your new template is looking really good and inviting.
Puke seems to be your fav word...lolzz
Heard about the animal Platecarpus for the first time good u did this tag. Do check out mine, even i did a similar tag.
You are on my blogroll. =)

Archana said...

seems Pig and Puke are your fav words... just when I finished the last sentence, I saw the post, Pigs could fly!!!