If pigs could fly

Whatever they do, pigs don't fly. And thank God for that.

This "Swine Flu" thing is creating a lot of panic in India. Even when Pigs don't fly and we as a country are not pork eaters. (There is a small minority of the population which eats pork but then they eat our pigs which are not deceased.) Who knows what would have happened if we all ate pork? Maybe there would have been no pigs left to spread this flu. Imagine a population of 110 crores eating pigs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh! What a dreadful nightmare... for the pigs.

But we do not. Still this flu has reached India because of some stupid NRIs who came back to die in their motherland. And not to forget the firangs who come every year to witness the poverty and backwardness of our third-world-darkness. What the hell!

You know, I am not afraid of death. But to die because someone else was glutton enough to eat a diseased pig and idiot enough to sneeze without covering in public is what I can't tolerate.

Today I went out to get my car serviced. What I saw shocked me out of my senses. There were people walking around covering their mouths and noses with what their pockets permitted. Handkerchiefs. Scarves. Face Masks. Everything was on prominent display.

It seemed like a scene from the doomsday-hawking-B-Grade-Hollywood movies. So surreal.

They are saying 40% of Earths population will be infected by this Flu by 2011. Is this the end of the world as we see it?
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