Force India gets the first podium finish!!

Congratulations and Celebrations!! After 2 years and 29 races Force India gets the coveted podium finish at the Belgian Grand Prix.

And do I give a damn? No I do not.

Is Force India the real Indian dream? In the land of 50 odd Crore people below poverty line, I don't suppose it is. I want to ask a question to all those of you who are rejoicing, is an investment of 88 million a way to boost the Indian Spirit? No. Its a cold, calculated, business decision. We were never a part of the decision and would never be. All we can do is follow the sports, because it is supposed to raise the Indian Flag in a hitherto unchartered territories.

Do we need a F1 racing team in India? Not now. We have lot more to contend with. Poverty, unemployment, hunger to name a few are more important than a german racing a car that has, among hundred other logos, a Force India written over it.

Talk about jingoism and False national pride.
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Maurya said...

In that way I think there are many other endeavors which India should not undertake. For Instance $76 million Chandrayaan which anyways failed without doing much help. My suggestion is: India cannot remove Unemployment, Poverty, or Hunger in a year or two. So it should not shun any other endeavor which is making it proud. At least we have something to rejoice for!!

Mohammed Musthafa said... about misleading titles..I opened your post predicting to read about ur excitement at Force India's victory...obviously I was wrong.

Thankfully I'm not an FI I wouldnt mind agreeing with u...but what about others, I wonder...

Shas said...

Time for double celebrations. You have received the Humane award Congrats!! please check my blog and collect your award.
Happy blogging!!!

Paritosh said...


Point taken. But the thing is, do we need to rejoice for a team owned by a businessman whose only concern is to earn money from the victories?


I am an ardent F1 fan but the question here is superficially adding a patriotic angle to the victories of a comercial enterprise.


Thanks a ton for the award!! I always love an award. Heck, I even ran in a gunny sack once for one.