What was I doing for so many days?

Well, to answer the question honestly, before the last couple of weeks, I was doing nothing. Absolutely nothing worthwhile. Just idling away time, doing some junk pet projects. But then one fine day (last to last week to be precise), I felt I have found my way to nirvana (Ain't I lucky?).

I have this habit of reading a lot of wikis (see what level we s/w enggs stoop down to complete 9.5 hours in office). Its an unending journey through the jungle of knowledge and the best thing about it is that "Its absolutely free!!". What else do you need from life!

I came around an interesting topic called Machine Learning. Suddenly, there was thunder, lightning and a huge flash of light. I knew had found my lady love, my soul-mate. I knew this is what I was born on this earth for. I know I am the next Einstein (I have even started growing my hair, sad that I will never have the shocked look though) of machine learning.

Anyway, I have started working on a small project for supervised machine learning in natural language and emotion processing. Please have a look at my other blog if you are more interested in knowing my lady love :).
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Shilpa Garg said...

Good to know that you have found your way to Nirvana at such a young age!! Cool!
Your lady love is greek and latin for me! :D
Enjoy yourself! :)

Shas said...

Aaahh...what an en-Lightening way of discovering ur soulmate or ladylove. I hope ur biwi isnt jealous of her.. :D

Shruti said...

I have something for you!
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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