The wrong Pad

As I have already said before, Apples spell trouble. But this new offering from Apple has got more scope and scale (looks like I finally caught up with the s/w engineer lingo) than the ones I mentioned before.

The newly launched "iPad' has got more scope for pun in its name than any other product ever launched. Maybe the mandarins in the tech giant's marketing division did not consult their wives before zeroing on the name.

You ask me why?

Why? Don't you get it!!

Okay, lets do it this way. Lets suppose you are near the water cooler in your office, and you overhear two of the hottest girls in the office talking :

Seeta: "Oh Dear!! I am feeling so low today"
Geeta: "I can totally understand. Its only for one of these days that I keep my pad in the bag."

Now, what they wanted to say was they were feeling a bit low and could use their iPad for listening to songs. What you (mis)understood, and more importantly (mis)reported to all your lecherous friends, is what I leave up to your imagination.

You still don't understand! Then I can't do anything for you. Its a family blog(atleast my family, read biwi, reads it), for chrissake. Anyways, what's there in a name!

BTW, I have a brilliant idea. If the larger version is called 'iPad' why not call the smaller version (the famed iPod) an iTampon. What an idea, sirji!!
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Gyanban said...

ha ha i laughed.period.

i'd call the chota pad - iDaiper

Shas said...

Good on the word.
The comment by Gyanban was equally funny.

Dhiman said...

He! He! some namesake truly...

Shilpa Garg said...

Ha ha! Good joke! Good joke! :D

On a serious note...weird and ingenious imagination! :)

Anonymous said...

Sure, re-hash what others have said , parodied and call it a post ?

The joke's on you sir, seen the latest iPad pre-sales numbers ?

Looks like you have a great blog. You post once a month ? Just like the menses once a month ! Period. :-) LOL.

Now let's see you laugh

Paritosh said...


This is what I like about Apple Fanboys... they are so sensitive and faggy.