Shopping blues!!

Whew!! the weekend is over. Hope you all had a great one. This was the penultimate weekend of this year, and it couldn't have been any better for me. Biwi did a lot of shopping, and I, well, let her do a lot of shopping.

I told ya, the weekend couldn't have been better.

There is no sight more beautiful than seeing your wife's dazzling smile after she gets that cute bag or the smart top. You can be damn sure you are in for a great dinner. Mmmmmm... yummy!!

By the way, have you ever noticed the guys waiting for their wives in front of the ladies trial rooms. Its a sight to behold. Pandemonium and yet an elegant display of patience.

I mean how much more patience do you need from a guy who stands half an hour for his wife to try 15 different tops to decide that MAYBE she has overgrown her XL size and needs the services of the "Big Women" collection.

There are different sub-species in the waiting population. This division is mostly decided by the hairlines and waistlines of the populace. Or maybe the age of the relationship. Lets take each of them one by one:

The Gadget Gurus: These guys are submerged into their mobiles. They may well be playing Snakes, but they give an impression of reading the most important mails of their lives. When their better halves come out to showcase their "hunt", these guys will simply give a glance (one eye never leaves the mobile screen) and give a quick disenchanted nod. As if it was seriously jeopardising their conquests.

The Babysitters: There is always a circus going around, people cajoling their bitchy-2-feet-tall-new-generations not to break anything.

"Johny!! Come here". "Johny!! Don't touch that". "Johny!! Heel" .

The Ayahs: Guys are very accommodating. They find the smallest corners on the sofa and start feeding their newly borns. While their "liberated" wives roam around in the supermarket, these supermoms take care of the kids. Talk about motherly affections!!

The Oglers: These are the worst of the lot. They look at every gal coming out of the trial rooms except their wives. While their wives may be showing them the new XXL size salwar suit that she liked, they will be looking discretely as the girl behind in the halter neck.

"Ae ji! Hows it?". "Mmmmmm... Seductive."

The Fashionistas: They will choose every thing for their wives. They have opinions about every thing, the polkas, the boat necks, the tanks, the capris..... They will roam around the shop and get all the new fashion for their wives.

The Spectators: People like me. They will look around and thank their stars for not being like the others. Lucky me! But then they know, "Mera Number bhi ayega".
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Shruti said...

Wonderful classification! Off the entire lot i hate these Oglers! I have experienced them! Huh, their eyes...Gosh! They irritate me.. If they fix a girl, their eyes will never leave her. Men and their weirdness!!

Paritosh said...


I can understand some guys are oglers, but then why classify all men as one. Men certainly have their weirdness and eccentricities, but not all of them are lechers.

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting classification! Have seen all! :D

I liked the Babysitters the most!! How true it is!!

Once a friend's son broke a vase costing 5K at Shopper's Stop and can you believe it, the lady had to buy it!! (Of course, they fixed it with feviquick!)
Imagine taking home a thing which is broken, which you probably dont need and would not have ever bought!!

Shas said...

Ha ha!
Good one. The Fashionsistas section reminded me of my friend's BF. He is a perfect mate whenever my friend and i go shopping.

neeraj said...

Hey Paritosh, this is one hell of a topic. And the way you wrote it made me tickle! :-) I do surrender my card to my wife. But accompanying her is what makes me happy! I am a good hubby :-)

Gyanban said...

Please dont forget the humble window shoppers.! they come they see they try and then dont buy....:-)

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Govind said...

Nice post,though I am not going to believe you are the 'spectator' type.Ogler maybe :)

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Dear Paritosh!

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,to explore every joy of life & may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements!

A very Happy New Year 2010 to you & your loved ones! Cheers!!! :))

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