I wonder

Promising, committing, caring, cajoling
I wonder, where is the part where I am loving?
Waiting, contemplating, pondering, running
I wonder, where is the part where I am living?
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Guria said...

You couldn't have captured more in those four lines! Only how many are introspective?? :)

Govind said...

To be loving is not be questioning
To be living is not to be doubting
To be questioning is to be wavering
and doubting the first sign of failing.

Business Cards said...

Wow! It made me contemplate also. Sometimes, we just don't notice, but there's definitely something missing. I have to find out what's missing in mine.

Paritosh said...


This is no introspection... this is the hard truth of life. We get involved with so many side dishes that we forget our main course... LIFE.


Hmmmm... but to question is the sureshot path to enlightenment.

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Excellent four lines....means a lot...is it all made up or quoted from somewhere?

evanescentthoughts said...

Hey you captured a lot in just 4 lines..

Paritosh said...


If someone says "Did you quote it from somewhere?", it usually means that u are too good to be you. Or maybe, you are too stupid to have said that. Now... which one is me??



RSV said...

it inspires me..true..

Anonymous said...
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Paritosh said...

And the sad part is it shouldn't!

RSV said...

why?? :(

Shas said...

Small, crisp and evocative.
Keep it up!!