2011: Happy New Year!!

As we grow old, New Year becomes just another day.

When I was a kid I used to think... why aren't Maa n' Papa excited about the New Year? Why don't they go out and celebrate? Why do they stay back at home as if it was a no big deal? After all, it used to be such a BIG deal for us kids.

But this year I did the same... stayed back at home. No parties. No outings. And we didn't even know it was a brand new year before we were fifteen minutes into 2011.

Looks like my priorities have changed... and I hope they have changed for good. Ushering in a new year 2011... Three Cheers for the year gone by!!

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Sh@s said...

Wish you a Happy New Year!
May you grow wise with each passing year :)

Paritosh said...

@ Sh@s

Thanks dear.. and wish you the same :)