Delhi Blues

I shifted to Delhi, Noida to be precise, a week back. Since the very first moment I stepped out of the Aircraft, I have been wondering whether it was a wise decision to shift from Bangalore to Delhi. If Bangalore was bad Noida is a nightmare.

There is no power for hours on end. Security for your family is virtually hanging by a thread every time you step out of your house. House rents have been artificially inflated by the property dealer mafia. Water is so bad that the taps rust within a year. There is no public transport as such here. In short all my dreams before shifting to Delhi are squashed to a pulp and flushed down the drain. Its only a question of survival now.

BTW, I am still homeless inspite of searching for a house for the last whole week, day in and day out. So if you know some kindered soul who wants to rent out his house in Noida then you know whom to contact.
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