Response : Cutest Proposal ever!

Hmmm… This blog is in response to some blog in my office about how a guy proposed this girl.This is a proposal which I know about, and mind you it is not cute in any sense of the word. A very schmarrrt guy in my college, only after two days of dating ,remmeber only two days and not two dates (between which, in this age of fast information exchange, so many days of courtship via phone, sms, mms, etc may pass), proposed a girl. Though the girl, for obvious reasons, refused but I thought the idea was cool (I’ll always say so coz the idea was mine ;) ).

He called her to his room, which was by the way very nicely decorated and slow love-songs playing on his system and sent her this message :-

“There is a rose and a chocolate in this room. You have to choose between them. If you pick up the rose, I’ll say “I Love You” and if you pick up the chocolate I’ll wait for some more days to say “I Love You”… So would you like to share the chocolate with me or with your friends?”

The girl was amazed by this unusual proposal and though she had her chocolates with her friends that day, she was at last swept of her feet by this guy’s whackiness in the long run.

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